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the Mandelbrot collection Benoit Mandelbrot was een mathematician who has done a lot of research on mathematical recursive structures. During that research he found the Mandelbrot collection. Here at the left side you can see the complete collection (You probably have seen this figure before).
No matter how far you zoom in in this collection, you keep finding more and more details in the complexity of the collection.

Theoretically you can keep zooming in but in practise you will, sooner or later, be stopped by the accuracy of the computing system which is used to calculate the details. And especially those details can produce the most stunning images. And by choosing the colours for those images you can set the 'mood' of the image in many ways.

All images you can find on this site are produced by the program fractalposter.exe. You can find more programs on the internet with which you can zoom in on the Mandelbrot set, but I have not yet found another program with the ease of use as fractalposter and which give you comparable possibilities in choosing the colours.

New posters are regularly added on this site. You can always find the latest addition right here.

Here on the right side you can see the latest added poster. If you click on it, you go the a bigger version of the poster and you can see 5 details taken from this poster. Those details are just small pieces from the real poster as you can buy digitally from me.
poster nr. 000023.

Julia point.

Poster nr. 000023. Added: October 27, 2018.
Size of this poster 23600 x 11800 pixels, so 200 x 100 cm. if printed at 300dpi.

There is a whole collection of examples on this site, divided in 5 galleries.
They are divided by the multiplication factor which is used to calculate the fractals. This factor is one of the items in the formula of all the fractals. For the 'real' Mandelbrot set, this factor is 2. Other values produce different fractals, which strictly seen, does not belong to the Mandelbrot set.
Click here to go to the main page of the galleries.

The galleries give you a good impression of all the possibilities of Fractalposter. You can order any of the examples as a gigantic digital image for only 15 euro, so you can print it yourself or you can let it be printed for you by any local printshop. Just send me an email with the number you see in the left-bottom corner of the example and I will calculate the full poster and send it to you via Wetransfer.
But, of course, it is much nicer to compose your own piece of art. With the free program Fractalposter.exe you can zoom in on all details of the Mandelbrot set and you can play endlessly with the colours in the gradient for your fractal. This free version can make as many images as you would like, but the size of those images is restricted to 1920 x 1920 pixels. If you let Fractalposter calculate larger images, those images will contain only blocks taken from that fractal. Good enough to see whether you really would have a printed version of that poster. And in that case, you can click on 'order poster' to send me an email with the underlying data. Then I will calculate the full poster for you for only 15 euro and you will have your own unique poster because I will never sell or give the same poster to anyone else.

Click on this screenshot to download fractalposter. This is a screenshot of fractalposter which you can download here to start making your own unique pieces of art. You can find the complete explanation of the program here. The program itself also provides all the explanation you might need to use it to it's full extent.

The program is just a single executable file, which you can download as You have to store it on your computer in a folder where the program is also allowed to write in itself. My advice: create an empty folder with the name Fractalposter in the 'my documents' folder and put the zip file in that folder and unzip it there. Fractalposter does not need any other method of installing. Fractalposter.exe will create several sub-folders in it's own folder in which it will store all fractals it creates. If you want to remove it from your computer, simply delete the folder in which the program is written.

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