All possible sizes and materials for your posters.

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 These are the possible sizes and materials for your prints:
 Size:  in centimeters:  Material:  Price:
 A0 118,9 x 84,1 cm.
 84,1 x 118,9 cm.
 235g/m2 glossy photopaper €135,--
 Backlit foil €110,--
 500g/m2 PVC €140,--
 280g/m2 polyester fabric €145,--
 175µm polyester foil €140,--
 A1 84,1 x 59,4 cm.
 59,4 x 84,1 cm.
 235g/m2 glossy photopaper €130,--
 Backlit foil €105,--
 500g/m2 PVC €135,--
 280g/m2 polyester fabric €140,--
 175µm polyester foil €135,--
This same list of materials and prices is also shown in the program fractalposter itself. If you would like to order a print, make your choice in the program fractalposter by pressing the button 'choose poster'.
The program will then attempt to read the latest list from the site fractalposter.nl and if it succeeds, it says 'list new.' in the titlebar of the window it then shows.
If it says 'list old' the program was not able to read a list and is therefore using a list which you may have downloaded before.
If you have never before downloaded a list the program will use the pre-defined list in the program itself. In both of these cases, it might be different from the latest list and you might want to check that first before you actually order a poster.
If you do order a poster which is not (anymore) available, we shall answer your order with a list of alternatives.

The program does allow you to create your own digital images, up to 1920 x 1920 pixels. You can print these out yourself or use them freely, as often as you would like.
And if you keep the prints below 16 x 16 cm. you get 300 dpi or more with them, resulting in excellent quality.

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